Pet Doors

Give your pets easy access through your security doors with Petway doors from Camden Security Doors.

Pet door Security

by Camden Security Doors and Screens.

Our security doors at Camden Security Doors are built to protect your home from intruders and threats while also looking fantastic. Unfortunately, that does mean that it’ll also make it hard for your pets to go in and out of the house! The solution is simple; make use of our bespoke services to add a pet door that is designed specifically for your pet.


Petway doors complement your beautiful metal security door with a pet door that doesn’t compromise the overall design and function of your security door. We can also install a pet door in an existing screen door, even if it wasn’t designed or installed by us. This gives you plenty of flexibility when it comes to installing an access door for your pet, adding to the peace of mind it offers and ensuring that your pet can easily get in and out of the house.

Our Work

installed security doors with pet access doors

Install on Existing Security Doors
or Design From Scratch

To give you more flexibility, we offer installation services on existing security doors or we can help you design a security door from scratch. Whatever option you choose, you can rest assured knowing that you’re going to get an outstanding product that protects your home, offers convenience for your pet, and looks great at the same time.

Completely Bespoke Pet Door Security

Our goal is to provide our customers with many different options. No two pets are the same, so we make sure to design your pet security door with exact measurements in mind. We’ll even account for your pet growing up and getting bigger.

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