Intrudaguard Security Doors

Camden Security Doors and Screens are registered stockists of Intrudaguard Doors

IntrudaGuard SECURITY

IntrudaGuard is one of the biggest names in the security door industry. Their products have been designed from the ground up to not only help protect your home from potential threats but they’re also made to look great and complement the look and feel of your home. Their unobtrusive design ensures that they fit in with the rest of your home exterior, yet they’re constructed with a revolutionary assembly process that makes them extremely affordable and durable.


Camden Security Doors is a registered stockist of IntrudaGuard products. We put our faith in IntrudaGuard’s patented technology that is used to manufacture their security doors and screen products. As one of the leading brands in the industry, we have the utmost faith in their ability to protect your home while making it look outstanding.

Innovative Design

One of the biggest draws to IntrudaGuard products is that they’re designed with a revolutionary process that drastically reduces costs while still maintaining a very high level of quality. These savings are passed on to the customer, creating some of the best-value screen doors and window screens on the market. This allows us to create bespoke security screens that meet Australian standards, but can be offered at affordable prices to make them accessible to everyone.

Designed for Australian Conditions

IntrudaGuard is made with Australian conditions in mind. This means they meet Australian standards in providing insect protection, impact protection, intruder resistance, corrosion resistance, and energy/UV light resistance. No matter the conditions, you can rest assured knowing that your home will be protected.

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We offer a range of IntrudaGuard® Security mesh and other products to help you secure your home.