Fire Escape Windows

Our range of fire escape windows can help protect your home and ensure that you have an easy escape in the event of an emergency.

Fire Windows

Secure From the Outside & Easy Exit from the Inside.

Camden Security Doors offers a range of fire escape windows that can help safeguard your home while also providing an easy way for you to escape in the event of an emergency. These windows are cleverly designed to provide protection from the outside while becoming an easy escape route from the inside. You can simply push the screen out from the inside so there is no need for force or smashed glass, providing a safe and quick exit if required to leave immediately.


Our bespoke fire escape windows can save lives when there’s an emergency. For example, if there’s ever a fire in the house, having fire escape windows provides everyone with alternate escape routes, allowing them to flee to safety without having to go through an exit that may be compromised.


Our windows and doors come in a variety of colours, to see the colours
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Complete Protection From the Outside

Despite being easy to remove from the inside, our fire escape windows offer unparalleled protection from the outside as well. They’ll protect your home against intruders, the elements, and many other threats that could affect your home.

Bespoke Windows Designed for Your Needs

We understand that windows can come in many different shapes and sizes. That’s why we design and manufacture all of our security products. This ensures that no matter what size your window frames are, we’ll be able to create a reliable product that helps protect your home while still providing an easy escape route. Simply get in touch with us and we’ll help measure your window and ensure full compatibility with our products.

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